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 Nutri-Max Strip Till
 Strip Till Units

"Reconditioned Air Max 1000 with updated air delivery kit from LYNX. 
Mounted on new 2017 LYNX cart with new 380-90-R46 Michelin SprayBib tires and oil bath hubs. 

 Fertilizer Carts
Q-S Series

Introducing Strip-Till units with hydraulic down pressure.  Hydraulic resets on knives - Hydraulic rolling baskets with down pressure - Independent free floating row cleaners. Designed with productivity and endurance in mind.

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"Using a twin bin system with 2 augers per row, we are able to deliver fertilizer accurately to as many rows as necessary. Lynx is built for precision."

 Dynasty Series


​"LYNX QS series air carts are 8 ton capacity air delivery fertilizer carts offered as a QS1 (single bin), or QS2 (twin bin).Row configurations are 6-24 rows.  Output is 800# per acre at 5mph.   

​"If 1 row unit has a high potential for bearing, disc blade, and knife failure, or sheer bolt breakage, you simply multiply your problems by adding more units."  Lynx is built to last.

 Lynx QS Air Cart
 Nutri-Max Units