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​​Agricultural Equipment
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Lynx Q-S Air Cart

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 Nutri-Max Units


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​​Lynx Q-S Air Cart


Lynx Dynasty Series

Lynx Dynasty

Why Lynx Agricultural Equipment?

Cost of Repair + Down Time = Loss of Profitability


With today's high cost of equipment, labor and fuel, not to mention the weather and other unknown expenses, minimizing downtime is essential.  At Lynx, we are committed to keeping our equipment running so you can increase your profit. 


Reliability = Productivity

It doesn't matter if you run a 24, 16, 12 or 8 row applicator, 0 MPH = 0 Acres per hour. But if your units move consistently at 6.5 MPH you will apply 47.27 Acres per hour with a 24 row applicator, 31.52 with 16 rows, 23.64 with 12 rows, and 15.76 with 8 rows.  Lynx equipment is made to run, not repair.

  • NPK
  • Urea
  • N-Serve
  • Tool Bar
  • Strip Till
  • Side Dress
  • Dry Fertilizer
  • Liquid Fertilizer
  • Annhydrous Ammonia

  • LYNX QS series air carts are 8 ton capacity with a Patent Pending air delivery system  that virtually eliminates line blockage.
  • Hook behind any implement with only a 2 15/16" ball. ​
  • Row configurations are 6-24 rows. 
  •  Output is 800# per acre at 5mph.
  • Rubber belt delivery is gentle for cover crop seeding and urea and durable enough to handle coarse fertilizer granules.
  • Order now for Spring 2019. 


"If you want precision Fertilizer Placement and Durability that allows you to get the job done, then the Lynx Nutri-Max Row Unit is the unit for you..."

"The bigger a machine is the more dependable it has to be in order to outperform a smaller machine." At Lynx we build for strength and reliability.

"The Lynx Dynasty Series Toolbar Features:

  • Simple 3 Pivot Point Fold
  • Hydraulic Sequencing
  • Detachable Boom