​Strip-Till Units

  •     Adjustable hydraulic unit down pressure for better berm and depth control.
  •      Hydraulic unit lift for greater road clearance or field lifts without lifting the tool bar.
  • ​     Adjustable hydraulic down pressure on sealing discs for easy depth control at point of injection yielding industry leading depth consistency.
  •      Adjustable hydraulic trip that vastly improves the life of replaceable knife points and virtually eliminates bolt stretching and sheering.
  •      Optional rolling baskets with adjustable hydraulic down pressure and ability to lift, narrowing road width for front fold tool bars.
  •      Optional row-cleaners for an improved berm in true strip-till conditions.
  •      Unit functions well in high residue, low residue, not-till and ripped ground.
  •      Base Price: $3,000 
    •      Row Cleaners/Front Coulter Assembly: $1,600  
    •        Rolling Basket:  $650
    •        Premium in Cab 5 Function Remote Hydraulic      Pressure Adjustment:  $5,000                             


Lynx is proud to offer the latest innovation in strip-till technology.

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