​QS Series Air Carts

Patent Pending Air Delivery System 

Patent Pending Steerable Cart

  • 12 ton air delivery Steerable fertilizer carts
  • Outpacing the industry with the highest output available.
  • -QS1 (single bin) for $48,500
    ​-QS2 (twin bin) for $53,500

  • Steerable cart features 2 pivot points instead of industry standard 8 pivot points
  • ​Unique Air System virtually eliminates line blockage. 
  • Hook behind any implement with only a 4 bolt clamp
  • Standard tires are 20.8R42.
  • Standard tarp is manual Agri-Cover Tarp. Row configurations are 6-24 rows.
  • ​Standard scale with monitor in cab. 
  • Output is 800# per acre at 5mph.
  • Rubber belt delivery is gentle for cover crop seeding and urea and durable enough to handle coarse fertilizer granules.
  • Box and meter are built with high grade 304 stainless steel.
  • 27.5 GPM Hydraulic Requirement
  • Order now for Fall 2019.