Lynx is proud to offer the latest innovation in strip-till technology.

Dynasty Series Tool Bars

Steerable Cart

Q Series Boxes

Lynx VTS Row Units

Custom Applications

Dynasty Series Tool Bars

The Dynasty toolbar comes in 3 primary widths: 60’, 40’, and 30’. It also comes in 2 frame options:

1st Generation

The 1st generation frame is available for the 40’ and 30’ toolbar options and has 60” and 120” wheel centers.

First generation frame.

2nd Generation

The 2nd generation frame is available for the 60’ and 40’ toolbar options and has 120” and 180” wheel centers.

Second generation frame.

Our 60’ toolbar has a unique folding wing design that allows the implement to maintain a constant tongue length.

Folded or not, this 24 row toolbar is 18 feet 9 inches long tongue to axle.

Our standard toolbars are built for 30” spaced row units, we are however willing to customize toolbar widths and row spacing needs in some situations.

Q Series Boxes

Our Q series fertilizer boxes are available in a wide array of sizes and configurations. They range in size from 4 ton planter boxes to 17 ton pull behind cart boxes. They range in configurations from one to four bins, and from 6 to 24 rows. We build custom bin configurations along with our standard sizes.

All of our Q series fertilizer boxes are constructed with 304 Stainless Steel material and utilize our high-flow patent-pending air delivery system. With this system we are able to accurately deliver 1,000 pounds per acre at 5mph. We deliver the product to the meter using a belt system which cleans with every revolution ensuring rate accuracy even in high humidity environments.

We install, program and calibrate an ISO compatible control module on every Q series fertilizer box before it leaves the factory to ensure a smooth initial operation experience.

DQ Series Boxes

These boxes mount on our Dynasty tool bars and offer the most flexibility of our offerings. Each bin dumps onto a rate controlled belt feed system that transports the contents of the bin to our patent pending air delivery system.

Dynasty box configurations.

Each configuration can carry roughly 14 tons of fertilizer.

Q Series Boxes

Our Q boxes mount on our steerable carts.

Steerable Carts

The LYNX steerable cart is the most simple and durable steerable cart on the market. It utilizes our patented cross-steer system which replaces the 6 pivot points typically located on the bottom of a steerable cart with 2 pivot points located on the mid-section of the cart. It is available in 2 configurations.

12 - 14 Ton Cart

The 1st generation steerable cart features single 20.8R42 tires on 120” centers and a 34,000 lb load rating.

First generation steerable cart.

17 Ton Cart

The 2nd generation steerable cart features dual 20.8R42 tires on 120” and 180” centers and a 44,000 lb load rating.

Lynx VTS Row Units

The LYNX VTS strip-till unit is a base strip-till unit that features modulated flexibility. There are a number of attachments including row cleaners, berm builders, rolling baskets, shank and coulter conversions. The base unit with its hydraulic functions is proven for a vast range of strip-till environments. The hydraulic down-force and shock absorption enhance the functionality and durability of these row units. All hydraulic pressures for the VTS row unit are controlled using the LYNX “White Box” in the cab of your tractor. We are committed to this proven base unit design, so any updates or improvements that we make are attachments that will fit our existing proprietary base row unit.

Custom Applications

We can put a box on almost anything. Give us a call.