​​Lynx Pull Cart

  • Reconditioned Air Max 1000 with updated air delivery kit from LYNX. 

Mounted on newLYNX cart with new 380-90-R46 Michelin Spray Bib tires and oil bath hubs. 

  • Includes electric tarp, pwm control valve, low bin sensors, raven rpm sensors. 
  • Tires are set up on 120" centers. 
  • Oil flow requirement for fan is 17 gallons per minute
  • Oil flow for pwm/product conveyors is 7 gallons per minute
  • Requires 4 hydraulic controls
  • Requires case drain and low pressure return port for fan motor.
  • Great machine for side-dress and pre-plant fertilizer application. 
  • Drop Kit option available.
  • Call to inquire about additional options that are available following purchase. 


LYNX Simplicity 12 
Twin Bin - 12 Row 
Dry Fertilizer Strip-till bar

  • The LYNX simplicity is perfect for applying Urea, Potash, Map or any other flow-able dry fertilizer in a strip. 
  • Simple to maintain and easy to run. 
  • Put your own units on it or buy LYNX units.

 Scale kit option also available.


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